Environmental Protection Paper

Environmental Protection Paper
Product Details

Environmental protection paper

Applications: calendar, calendar, hanging book, traffic maps, notebook, manual, stationery, books, tickets, posters, logo, all kinds of handbags, wrapping paper, arts and crafts equipment, plastic floor tiles, wallpaper, large advertising, advertising light boxes.

Material introduction

No use of wood

The paper is not made using wood pulp or plant fiber. 

No use of water

No water is used during the paper making process. 

No use of acid

No acid is used during the paper making process.

No use of alkali

No alkali is used during the paper making process. 

No bleaching

No bleaching or washing is required.

No waste discharge

No waste water discharge due to no use of water, acid or alkali and no bleaching.

Environment protection

Saving forest and the ozone layer.

Energy saving

Lower energy consumption than traditional paper making using wood pulp.

Reduced emission

No emission of waste water and waste gas, and causing no pollution to waters and air.

Paper Type: Sheets Or Rolls

Size: As your request

Roll Packing:

Ream Packing:

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