Zhejiang Wrapping Paper Began A New Round Of Price Increases Affected By Environmental Protection Policy May Be Ahead Of The Spring Festival Maintenance

December 5, Zhejiang Province, some paper prices began a new round of prices, compared with the previous round, this round of price increases have been narrowed, mostly 200 yuan / ton.

Chunsheng Holdings: broad based 200 yuan / ton

Hangzhou Jinlong Paper: broad based 200 yuan / ton

Ningbo cattle: gray cardboard up 200 yuan / ton

Price factors

In the letter of price hikes in the paper mill, the price hike mentioned in the paper is due to the fact that the prices of domestic waste, external waste, steam, chemicals and accessories all rose sharply since October, resulting in the soaring cost of enterprises.

Fuyang region may be ahead of schedule

In addition, according to some enterprises to reflect, there is news that in early January next year, Hangzhou Fuyang City will advance the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction tasks, the region's paper-making enterprises of the Spring Festival shutdown maintenance program will also be in accordance with environmental policy requirements at any time, may advance to 1 The first month. Is expected in late December or early January, the mill will also have a round of price increases.