South African Waste Paper Utilization Is Higher Than Expected

In recent years, as the African continent paper and cardboard production in South Africa, the recycling of waste paper with remarkable results.

Statistics show that South Africa's waste paper recycling in 2001 was 38% in 2011 to 59%. In 2013, South Africa proposed a target of 73 per cent recovery in waste paper by 2017. By 2015, South Africa's waste paper recycling capacity of 1.2 million tons, the recovery rate of 66%. Accordingly, South Africa to 2017 waste paper recovery rate of 73% of the target is expected to achieve.

International Federation of Forestry and Paper (ICFPA) statistics show that the world's waste paper recycling rate of 57.9% on average. In view of this, South Africa's waste paper recycling rate has far exceeded the world average.