Resolve What Carton Packaging Food

A, barrier properties

Paper and cardboard are porous fiber materials, to water, oil, gas, light, with a certain degree of permeability and barrier greatly influenced by temperature and humidity, can, through appropriate processing to meet the requirements of its barrier properties of the surface.

Second, processing performance

With good processing properties of paper and paperboard, folding handle and various sealing methods can be used, easily processed into a variety of packaging, easy mechanical machining operations. Through appropriate processing, can provide the necessary moisture for paper and Board, pest control, blocking resistance, heat seal, strength and physical performance, expanded its scope of use.

Third, mechanical properties

Paper and Board have a certain strength, stiffness and mechanical adaptability, its strength mainly depends on the material, paper quality, thickness, machining, surface conditions, and certain conditions of temperature and humidity; paper also has a folding, elasticity and tear resistance, suitable for molding containers and wrapping.

Four, health and safety performance

On a piece of paper in the process, in particular, chemical pulping, chemicals that usually remains, so must be selected properly according to the package contents of various paper and Board.

Five, printing performance

Paper and Board's ability to absorb ink and bond is strong, good printing properties and therefore commonly used for printing on the packaging surface. Paper and paperboard printing performance depends on the smooth surface, using rubber, elasticity and adhesion, etc.