Paper Prices Skyrocketed One Month To Double

2800 yuan, 3200 yuan, 3700 yuan, 4200 yuan ... ... Recently, a wave of rapid price increases swept the paper industry, from upstream paper mills, to the downstream carton plant, to the end customers, have been involved in this Field turmoil.

"We use the most corrugated, short-term price adjustment more than 10 times in August is 2700 ~ 2800 yuan / ton, in November has risen to 4200 yuan / ton." Yesterday, Chengdu, a packaging paper factory owner Mr. Luo to Chengdu Business Daily Reporter big inverted grievances, prices are too outrageous, a month can be doubled, paper mills Huanhuan, as the downstream of the two or three packaging plant is not quick to expose the pot, and now most of them at a loss.

Cardboard skyrocketing enterprises have four times a month price increases

This year, paper mills frequent price increases, or even a business four times a month the phenomenon of extreme price increases. To the domestic paper industry leader Nine Dragons Paper, for example, since 2016 has raised prices 9 times, the cumulative price increase to 700 yuan.

Into November, the upstream Nine Dragons Paper, Lee Man paper and other manufacturers prices 20% to 30%; middle of the secondary plant cardboard prices rose 50% to 90%; three carton plant prices increased by 20% ~ 30%; to the terminal side, such as food and beverage companies, and even a "one day a price" situation.

Among them, the most commonly used packaging price of the most powerful corrugated paper, since the second half price increases of more than 1,500 yuan / ton. In recent years, the rapid rise of electricity business, the product carton packaging market quickly opened, led the entire packaging industry. "Double eleven" online shopping is the carnival in November to become the paper industry season. 2016 forecast China will produce 30 billion express parcels, as the most common corrugated express shipping, with low cost, light weight, easy processing, recyclable and so on, and gradually occupy a dominant position, the market prospects.

Two, three packaging plant prices also passed to the downstream food and beverage manufacturers, packaging and even accounted for 10% of the cost. "Supplier recently announced price increases of 25%, which has a great impact on our performance." Chengdu, a spice business leader Mr. Ho said, but also to take cash purchases in advance, the price is changing at any time, not necessarily Procurement to.

Behind the truth environmental remediation, to production capacity led to a decline in supply

Ordinary cardboard can also usher in "price surge", which behind the truth? Shen Wan research that paper, coal, freight and other costs, to promote the paper prices. From the production cost point of view, pulp and coal costs is the largest paper two. Gao Bo Fu surplus investment director Zhang Tao believes that the national environmental remediation, elimination of excess capacity, the paper industry is leading to reduced supply, prices rose an important factor.

According to the Ministry of Industry, Bureau of Energy jointly announced the elimination of backward production capacity and excess capacity in 2015, the completion of the objectives and tasks, the elimination of backward and excess paper production capacity of 1.67 million tons last year. Among them, the top three were out of 796,000 tons in Guangdong Province, Zhejiang Province, out of 300,000 tons, Sichuan Province out of 198,000 tons. To Sichuan, for example, a total of out of Chengdu Xin Wang paper products factory, Chongzhou Shangyuan small paper products processing plant in 22 paper mills, 52 production lines.

Small and medium-sized paper mills closed down, eliminated, inevitably lead to decline in base paper supply and boost the paper prices. Zhang Tao said that base paper prices, but also led to follow the trend of rising prices of waste paper. Business data show that the price of waste paper from the beginning of October of 1,100 yuan / ton, up to 11 at the end of the 1400 yuan / ton.

In addition, the current round of paper prices also with the industry irrational hoarding goods related. Mr. Luo said he and the industry have found the characteristics of this round of price increases: the market began to rise in price, carton factory to worry about further rise, so increase orders for inventory; upstream orders beyond the normal production capacity, so up Price control orders; price increases have further aggravated carton plant panic, so repeated, resulting in skyrocketing prices.

Waste paper is expected to rise in the market outlook will ease

As the base paper prices rose sharply, the performance of paper companies turn for the better, which also led to the recent listing of the company's paper plate is repeatedly speculation. Chenming Paper, Sun Paper, Shanying Paper and other paper stocks rose more than 10% in the near future.

However, the industry have argued that the price increase in December is not expected so crazy November, many downstream companies are no longer hoard goods, speculation, the confidence of paper prices are no longer strong. At present, the price of waste paper has been a slight decline from November 28, a number of paper mills online newspaper reported that the purchase price of waste paper 100 to 150 yuan / ton down. To December 1, the lower the purchase price of the manufacturers are still increasing.

Business community predicted by the raw materials, environmental protection, downtime maintenance and other effects, the price of raw paper in December there is still room to rise, but the price of paper began to fall, base paper prices or moderated