Paper Companies Optimistic About The Silver Economy, Sun Paper, International Paper Has Been Action

Recently, the Japanese "Fuji production business newspaper" reported that the growing population in the global aging, wearing more and more comfortable, not easy to be aware of the diaper around the sales of the rapid growth. This year's demand is expected to increase by 4%.

Coincidentally, a Canadian paper-related research company said that in the paper industry, the demand for high-performance diapers for adults soared, the market expanded dramatically. According to the company's annual sales of diaper related products in the United States reached about 20 billion US dollars, is expected to grow 9% this year, 2018 will grow 8%. According to the United States urinary organ insurance fund company said the United States about 1/4 to 1/3 of people suffering from urinary tract disorders.

It is spotted this situation, some paper companies decided to cover the diaper and the field of physical care products, in early February, Shandong Sun Life Paper Co., Ltd. intends to invest 60 million yuan into the health pension industry, to expand adult diapers and other related pension industry market. US International Paper last year to 2.2 billion acquisition of the benefits of the company's pulp manufacturing business, expanding the size of short pulp business.