Introduction Cartons Of Traditional Knowledge

Carton is usually used as the product's wrapper or protective coating. Carton of volume for commodity of size and change, carton usually has "carefully light", and "fear wet", and "up", and "heap code limit", and "fear Sun", and "moisture" "quality security" "ban roll" "not trampling" "Note fire" "easy broken items" "green environment" "fear hot" "food" "anti-odor", variety pattern or text tips, reminded using who note, to protection within loaded items not by hurt. Corrugated cardboard is made of paper, paper, paper and processed into wave corrugated corrugated cardboard by gluing together.

The difference lies mainly in the outer diameter of the container and non-container, and corrugated types are closely related. Following the table below detail the cartons internal diameter specifications, manufacturing specifications, the relationship between outer diameter specifications.