How To Eliminate Paper Carton Manufacturing Of Static Electricity

1, the physical elimination of

Physical elimination method is the function without changing the material of the case, using methods of inherent characteristics to eliminate static electricity. Such as "grounding" elimination method is to install brushes to remove static electricity in the process. Place brush on paper or plastic coil winding or unwinding and brush to remove static electricity grounding Terminal reliable earthing, not connected to the device, or on the guide rollers. Due to poor grounding devices Department guide roller by Anodic treatment, surface natural alumina, alumina is not conductive.

2, chemical elimination method

Chemical elimination of electrostatic method, antistatic treatment techniques, mainly the antistatic agents (surfactants) by adding (fill) technology and coating technology, motor modification of resin or material, antistatic technology is more complete and perfect. But as antistatic agents are added or coating, causing changes in chemical composition of the material, so this technology does not apply to the handling of paper, only apply to modification of plastic resins.