How Spring Festival Coming ?

The origin of the Spring Festival There is a legend, in ancient China there is a called "year" monster, head long antennae, ferocious exception. "Years" for many years in deep seabed, every eve to climb the shore, devouring livestock life. Therefore, every New Year's Eve that day, the village people help young and old to flee to the mountains, in order to avoid the "year" animal damage. One year's New Year's Eve, a beggar from the village to the elderly. The villagers a hasty panic, only the village head of an old woman gave the elderly some food, and advised him to quickly go up the mountain to avoid "year" beast, the old man stroked laughed: "If I stay at home for a night, I will let 'Years' beast to go away. "Old woman still continue to persuade, begging, but the elderly laughed without a word. At midnight, "year" beast broke into the village. It found that the village atmosphere is different from previous years: the door posted red paper, the house lit candle. "Year" beast whole body flick,Near the door, the hospital suddenly heard the "pop bang" sound of deep-fried, "year" trembling, and then dared not move forward to scrape together. Originally, the "year" is most afraid of red, fire and explosion sound. At this time, door open, I saw a hospital wearing a red robe in the elderly laughed. "Year" was shocked, fled the panic escape. The next day is the first day of the first month, asylum see people back to the village safe and sound very surprised. At this time, the old lady was suddenly realized, and quickly to the villagers tell the begging of the elderly promise. This thing quickly spread around the village, people are aware of the drive to "year" approach to the beast. Since then, every year New Year's Eve, every family posted red couplet, set off firecrackers; households candlelight, observe more years. Morning and early morning, this custom spread more widely, has become the most solemn traditional Chinese folk festival.