Foreign Paper Giant Once Again Announced The Increase In Paper Prices!

Foreign paper giant once again announced the increase in paper prices!

At the end of the year, the major paper groups including Smurfit Kappa, UPM, APP, Stora Enso, International Paper and other major paper groups around the world were announced at the end of the year.

Among them, SmurfitKappa will be its Baden and Hoya mill factory white lined cardboard (WLC) up 60 pounds / ton; UPM will be on January 1, 2017, its coated and uncoated paper prices increased by 10% ; Stora Enso will be on January 2, 2017, the production of coated paper and uncoated offset paper prices increased by 10%; APP will Jindong Paper and Jinhua Sheng paper production of offset printing Paper prices are up 10%; International Paper will raise its price of paper at all levels, with unpacked offset paper prices up to 5%.

After raising more than a month later, including Lecta, Sappi, Navigator and other paper giants once again announced to raise prices.

Lecta Paper plans to raise its price of 8% -9% for all double-sided coated paper sheets and rolls in Europe since March 13th. "Price adjustments will inevitably offset rising manufacturing costs, especially in terms of energy, pulp, latex and other raw materials," the company said in a statement.

Sappi Europe plans to raise the price of all uncoated and uncoated paper for all its sheets and rolls in Europe by 8% since March 15. The company stated that "the sudden and sustained sharp increase in the cost of investment, which makes the company's profits have been squeezed, thus making the right pricing measures, because at the current price level, the current Sappi Europe's newsprint business has been difficult Successively.

In November of 2016, Navigator Paper sent a statement to all its agents alleging that the company had raised the price of its uncoated paper by at least 6%, but the adjustment was a bit low. The company announced that its paper prices in North Africa and the Middle East will be raised and fully implemented in January, while the increase in paper prices in Europe will take effect on February 24. "Prices are unavoidable because the cost structure of the industry has weakened the company 's profitability, and the closure of multiple factories in the US and Europe has put tremendous pressure on the company," the company said.

In a statement, the company said: "Moreover, in recent years, the paper industry has undergone a sharp decline in paper prices, which led to the past seven years, Europe faces the lowest paper price level.We must take action to this To offset some negative effects. "

The next few months, the European market paper prices continue to be strong

In the past few months, the new price system has been sustained, combined with the prospects of the European market and overseas markets to strengthen, is expected to continue prices in the next few months strong. According to the company reported on February 9, its operating profit fell 18.6% overall, from the previous year's 282.9 million euros fell 230.4 million euros, while turnover fell 3.1% from the previous year's 1.628 billion euros to 1.577 billion euros The

Due to the large range of paper mills raised prices, it is expected that the next global paper agents will follow the papermaking plant price adjustment initiatives and a large area to raise paper prices, from the European and American market situation worldwide a new round of paper prices Raised or just opened.