European Papermaking Will Intensify Efforts To Implement Low-carbon Programs

European papermaking will intensify efforts to implement low-carbon programs

Recently, the European Paper Industry Association (CEPI, The Confederation of EuropanPaperIndustry) for the first time released the European paper industry low carbon plan report evaluation report, the report shows that by 2050, the European pulp and paper industry carbon emissions will fall compared to 2011 80 %, While the added value of the industry will increase by 50%.

Since 2011, the European CEPI has been to lead the industry's future healthy development efforts. The European Paper Industry Low Carbon Program Report was first released by the European CEPI in 2011, and the European paper industry has been growing in the low carbon and increasing value-added industries since the beginning of 2011 to 2017 Investment, but the specific effect of how?

In order to more intuitively show that the European paper industry in recent years, low-carbon and increase value-added and other achievements in early 2017, the European CEPI continued to release the first European paper industry low-carbon plan assessment report. The report said that since the first publication of the Outlook report in 2011, the paper industry has put a total of 15 billion euros (about 109.14 billion yuan) to Europe. The reduction in carbon emissions has also yielded some results, and the industry is also actively investing in strengthening biomass refining, making the sector's added value significantly improved.

But the report also shows that for decades to further promote the transformation of the European paper industry. At present, this industry needs to achieve low-carbon environmental protection and economic restructuring. The outlook report mentions that in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the European paper industry by 80%, an additional € 44bn ($ 320.15bn) investment will be required for the sector. It is reported that the amount of investment in the previous investment funds have been increased by 40%.

With the completion of the new investment amount of capital injection is expected to 2050 when the European paper industry will be able to achieve transformation, not only value-added can be more than 50%, but also to achieve low-carbon environmental protection economy. It is said that in the 44 billion euros of investment funds in 24 billion euros (about 174.43 billion yuan) will be used to study the reduction of carbon emissions in the European paper industry, another 20 billion euros (about 145.52 million yuan) will Used to promote the production of new low-carbon environmentally friendly products.