Duplex Board Prices Surge As G20 Coming

In July all the chinese paper mill increased their prices, it was started by Liansheng Paper in 1st July, all kinds of paper prices up $10 per ton, on July 18, 19, 20, 21, Nine dragons, Jianhui, liansheng, Jinzhou,yinzhou, century sunshine, and other companies continue to follow up, increased price of $10-15 per ton. In 25th July, Nine Dragons, Yongzheng, Hong Hao and other factories increased $30 per ton, the amount of this adjustment is the largest in July. Nine Dragons, Chenming, gold group locked in advance of the market in August, the price per ton of paper will increase $15 per ton.

Below is the news from Nine Dragon, chenming and Gold group

Company NameProductPrice increaseDate Increase Reason
Nine DragonsDuplex Board$15/ton1st AugHigh cost of material
ChenmingArt Card$15/ton1st AugMarket outlook
GoldArt Card$15/ton1st AugMarket outlook