CIPPME 2016 Shanghai International Packaging Products And Materials EXPO

CIPPME 2016 Shanghai International Packaging Products and Materials EXPO

★ show basic information

Show time: 26-28 September 2016

Hall Address: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

Exhibition Area: 35,000 square meters

Show Mission: innovative packaging Green

Approved by: Ministry of Commerce of People's Republic of China Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce

Organizers: China Federation of Industry China homologous Ltd. China Packaging Industry Association

Sponsor: Shanghai Wo Xin Exhibition Services Ltd.

The number of exhibitors: 500 exhibitors from over 30 overseas countries and more than 20 domestic provinces and cities in September next year and meet you

Number of visitors: 40,000 trade visitors from more than 40 overseas countries and more than 20 domestic provinces and cities to visit

★ Exhibits

1, packaging products:

◇ paper packaging products (gift box corrugated paper box canister cup holder shelf drum sack); plastic packaging products (bags bottles cup cartridge barrel); metal packaging products (cans bottles); woven packaging products, wood packaging products, packaging products flocking, leather packaging products and glass packaging products, etc.

◇ label (security label Shrink film labeling standard kinds of adhesive labels, etc.)

2, packaging materials:

◇ paper packaging materials (corrugated paper binding paper specialty paper patterns filling Pizhi security paper art paper pearl paper and paperboard white card ashes cardboard flocking gold and silver card paper corrugated cardboard honeycomb paperboard kraft paper thermal paper); plastic packaging materials ( laminating film co-extruded film aluminized composite membrane protective film radium cat Eye Glitter stretch film shrinking film cooking film stretch film cling film barrier film coating film fiber membrane sealing membrane cap bottles pad; cloth packaging material (non-woven lamination flocking cloth binding cloth types of textile fabrics packaging); plastic sheet (PVC sheet PET sheet PP sheet); EVA EPE foam foam pulp molding all kinds of packaging bags column leather

◇ other packaging materials / accessories: adhesive (paste plastic boxes sealed plastic hot melt adhesive peritoneum) inks, UV coatings, masterbatch, cover material, gilt, foil, gold foil paper, bronzing film, foil, biodegradable materials , packing tape, packaging deduction, desiccant, gaskets, sealing tape, ribbons, packing hose, trays, hollow board, turnover boxes, corner, tableware, resealable zipper, pallets,

3, various types of packaging materials processing machinery, box making machinery, bag making machine, processing line, packaging and testing equipment and packaging machinery.

4, luxury packaging: perfumes, cosmetics, wine, gourmet foods, tea, tobacco, etc.