Chenming Paper Announcement

Chenming Paper announcement

Zhanjiang Chenming 600,000 tons of liquid packaging project has entered the equipment installation phase is expected to end of August trial production of 60 tons of liquid packaging project is the world's widest width, fastest speed, single the largest production capacity, the technical indicators are the world-class level, it will quickly become a new profit growth point of business. At the same time, actively promote Hemingway mining, forestry-paper integration Huanggang Chenming Shouguang Meilen 400,000 tons of chemical wood pulp and other projects.

The company ended June 30, 2016 six-month profit attributable to shareholders 939 million yuan (RMB below), 239.8% YoY. Basic earnings per share 0.45 yuan. No interim dividend.

During the period, the company completed production of 2.13 million tons of paper mechanism, sales of 2.09 million tons, achieved operating income of 10.606 billion yuan, an annual increase of 9.13%; operating cost 7.264 billion yuan, an annual decrease 1.44%; In addition, lease financing lease Chenming contract amounted to 2.945 billion yuan, representing an increase of 21.97 percent at the end of 2015.

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