Carton Packaging Industry, To Protect The Ecological Environment Is Good

carton packaging industry, to protect the ecological environment is good

China has about 40,000 cartons factory, corrugated production line of about 4500 (including can 

not be used), each corrugated production line annual production of about 660 square meters, the 

total output of about 40 billion square meters, of which three corrugated production line 

accounted for 15% , Five layers of corrugated production line accounted for 80%, 7 layer 

corrugated production line accounted for 5%. The United States about 1,500 carton factory, with

 corrugated production line 660, each production line of about 6288 square meters, the total 

output of about 41.5 million square meters. Japan has about 251 carton factory, with about 477

 corrugated production lines, the total output of about 13.4 billion square meters. In fact,

 carton carton packaging industry, to protect the ecological environment is good.

Loading paper, in fact, is used for packaging paper. Generally have a high strength and toughness,

 can withstand pressure, folding, quality requirements are also based on the different uses of

 wrapping paper to have different requirements. For example: for industrial and agricultural

 raw materials (cement, fertilizer) of the wrapping paper, require relatively thick and 

relatively strong, generally generally used 3 to 4 layers of paper made, it is also known as

multi-layer paper bags, to distinguish between light packaging Other bags of paper. The paper

 used for food packaging, requiring health, sterile, non-polluting impurities. Electronics,

 cosmetic, food and beverage industries such as wrapping paper demand. In addition to the

 requirements of a certain physical strength, the wrapping paper also need to clean and

 beautiful, suitable for printing multi-color product patterns and text. To beautify the goods,

 to attract customers.

Carton carton according to different paper, corrugated boxes, single cardboard boxes and so on.

 Carton commonly used three, five, seven use less, the layers are divided into paper, corrugated

 paper, core paper, tissue paper, tissue paper tea board, kraft paper, paper with corrugated

 paper, Feel different, different manufacturers of paper (color, feel) is not the same.

 Different corrugated corrugated corrugated cardboard function is also different. Even if the 

use of the same quality of tissue and paper, due to the difference between the corrugated shape,

 the composition of the performance of corrugated cardboard also have some differences. At 

present, the international common corrugated corrugations are divided into four, they are A-type

 Leng, C-type Leng, B-type Leng and E-type Leng. Their technical indicators and requirements see

 Table 1. A-type corrugated corrugated cardboard has a good cushion, a certain degree of

 flexibility, C-type flute than A-type Leng times. But the stiffness and impact resistance is

 better than A-type Leng; B-type Leng arranged density, made of corrugated board surface smooth,

 high pressure, suitable for printing; E-type flute due to thin and dense, but also showed its

 just strength.

Carton carton packaging industry, the protection of the ecological environment effect:

Carton is in this case there, and its good environmental protection, cleanliness, reusability

 has been the emergence of the vast number of consumers and the state's recognition, in the

 course of the use of the environment and products will not cause any Damage, and effectively

 protect the ecological environment in China, in the course of the use of some fragile products

 will play a role in the protection of a very good use of performance. Food packaging box, food 

cartons, tea packaging cartons are made of cartons, cartons in the market above the emergence 

and development of China's environmental awareness, on behalf of China and the world's developed 

countries in the distance between a Little bit of shortening.


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