British And French Waste Paper Prices Continued To Rise, The United States Lost In March Offer A Nearly 6-year High

Recently, with the continued acquisition of waste paper in mainland China, imports of waste paper boom, coupled with rising shipping costs, British and French waste paper prices continued to rise. Among them, the import of US waste paper just two months rose nearly 70 US dollars / ton, March offer to nearly 6-year high of 298 US dollars / ton, compared with the same period last year rose as much as 65%.

Due to the rise in imports of waste paper prices, coupled with the recent international pulp prices are also frequently raised the high cost of comprehensive, the two paper prices issued price adjustment.

Taiwan's industrial paper mills Zhenglong said that in response to the recent rapid rise, and the rising trend is not the signs of the original raw materials and freight costs, decided since April 1 from the paper price of NT $ 1,500 per ton (equivalent RMB356), the price increase in the most basic grade of industrial paper rose to 16,000 yuan (equivalent to about RMB 3356) per tonne in 2010. In addition, with the paper roll, the downstream paper and other finished products will also be the same price increase.

Lian Sheng Paper (Longhai) Co., Ltd. also on March 1 issued a price adjustment letter, starting from March 1, 2017, all of the No. 8 machine coated gray-white paper on the basis of the original price Raised 100 yuan / ton.