Bamboo Pulp Paper Or Paper Will Become The Future Of A New Way Of Life

As my Chinese tissue business, market conditions and other raw materials as well as a greater understanding, in particular the further exploration of the bamboo resources, bamboo fiber paper further understanding, and I think the value of life in paper manufacturing bamboo fiber has been seriously underestimated. Twenty-first century, China's economy entered a rapid development path, people's living standards and living environment has been an unprecedented development. Wood as raw material for tissue paper equipment and technology has entered the Chinese market, especially wood pulp with a high yield and low impurities, high whiteness, strength and other advantages of the finished product. However, pulp and paper manufacturing consumes enormous timber is not conducive to environmental protection, especially Chinese manufacturers over the pursuit of product quality or product strength, long growth cycle coniferous forest dependence manufacture high quality tissue is increasing. Well-known economic commentator Xu Hongcai told reporters.

Professor Lin Beijing Forestry University Koreas told reporters, "Our country is a relatively small area of forest, timber relative lack of national resources, but our country is very rich in bamboo resources, China is the world's few bamboo-rich countries one, the bamboo in our country is called the "second forest." our bamboo forest area in the world, ranked second in the world, bamboo output ranks first in the world, in Asia, more distributed, in other countries and regions are located less so for the future development of bamboo paper is concerned, there is a considerable amount of raw material resources more substantial.

China Paper Association Fuming Yuan said that at this stage in the country do not have a decent bamboo fiber tissue brands, the majority of business is small and has just begun. Now bamboo tissue manufacturers are mostly concentrated in Sichuan, Guangxi and other regions, mostly in pulp sales and paper sales, sales of finished products rarely, basically not out of paper first and then sell the finished product sales survival mode. Part bamboo fiber tissue business, especially after the factory, because you do not see the future of bamboo fiber products in the ultra low-cost wood fiber paper today, have turned to purchase Paper pulp production of finished products. Today, bamboo household paper industry has no business can orders the world, also are in the early stages of a rudderless meal Flurry, future prospects, opportunities and concerns exist. (F:Interet)