72 Paper Mills Have Been Shut Down In Dongguan City (Guangdong China)

72 paper mills (duplex board grey back paper mill, cardboard paper mill, kraft liner, test liner paper mill ect) have been shut down eliminated 5.3 million tons of excess paper production capacity, currently only retained at 23 paper mills. But this shutting down just the beginning.

Water features economic development of Dongguan Industrial Development

Guidelines (2015 version) expressly prohibits the development of the paper 

industry (including pulp). Zhongtang Paper Industry Base in principle no longer

accepts new admission paper and relocation project, the existing paper 

companies can not increase their expansion.

The Worsest,Dongguan is issued "marching orders" for all paper companies. According to recently released "Dongguan supply-side structural reforms to capacity action plan (2016-2018 years)," the next three years, Dongguan City, will combine to create water features economic zone an opportunity to gradually phase out the transfer does not meet the environmental requirements of the paper, dyeing and other enterprises, and encourage enterprises settled in Dongguan, Shaoguan. Wan Shao Park in Dongguan will fight Dongguan undertake industrial transfer.

In addition, as put into operation in Guiyang (Dongguan) Industrial Park, Guiyang County of Chenzhou, Hunan will become another undertaking Dongguan industrial transfer. I believe that there will be an increasing number of paper companies have moved from Dongguan, Shaoguan, Chenzhou soon.