71 City Suffered Severe And More Pollution More Paper Enterprises Are Involved In Stop Production Storm

According to December 19, the Ministry of Environmental Protection informed the current round of heavily polluting weather, 71 cities to achieve serious and above pollution, 8 cities "burst table", 24 cities rang the red warning. At present, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has sent 13 inspection teams on heavy polluting weather around the implementation of response measures to carry out supervision. With the heavy haze of the invasion, the environmental crisis has continued to overweight, more paper companies are involved in the production limit of the storm.

Guangdong: Foshan dispatched 11865 law enforcement officers, shutting down 793 enterprises; Puning invested 1.69 billion, shutting down 142 printing and dyeing enterprises; Zhongshan Lighting Factory was rectified, the enterprise limit to limit the move; Dongguan inspection enterprises 195, report bonuses Issued more than 10 million; Jiangmen rectification 24, cut 18, limiting the plant 7.

Henan: There are a number of paper mills to stop production with environmental supervision, frequent suppression of upstream supply, Henan base paper supply is expected to further pressure, spot base paper, carton prices difficult to stop rising. According to worry about production, the current paper mills in Henan has emerged inventory emergency. For this situation, carton factory in order to ensure the supply of downstream customers, can only start 1-2 months in advance procurement.