Usage of Gray Cardboard

Usage of Gray cardboard 

A multipurpose board.

Quantitative generally 300g / m2 or more. Higher thickness smaller tightness.

Low quality of raw materials, waste paper, semi-bleached pulp, semi-chemical pulp can be used.

Most papermaking using a cylinder paper machine.

The product may be homogeneous or cardboard sandwich board can also use higher-quality pulp noodle production gray cardboard liner according to different quality requirements.

For the production of packing boxes, paper tubes.

Gray cardboard is made from a renewable waste production. Products are divided into single gray, double-gray, all gray, are environmentally friendly packaging materials. All gray cardboard derived products: packaging box, advertising panels, bags, hardcover books, storage boxes, samples, linings, partitions and the like.

Gray cardboard paper smooth, good stiffness, the same type, separated layers, resistance to bending, high-grade paper, paper quality mid-range price.