US waste paper recycling indicators in recent years continued to grow

Recently, the American Pulp and Paper Association released the 2016 Sustainability Report, which published the development of various industry indicators on the road to sustainable development in the US paper industry.

It can be seen from the report that the US paper industry is moving forward in the years ahead to the 2020 forecast. One of the important indicators is the recovery of waste paper. The sustainable development report in 2016 shows that the recovery rate of waste paper in the US paper industry has grown in recent years, while the 2011 American Pulp and Paper Association has set the goal of achieving a goal of more than 70% recovery of waste paper by 2020 The

In 2015, the US paper industry consumes more than 30 million tons of recycled waste paper, which is equivalent to 38.7% of the total raw materials, and this proportion will continue to grow in the next few years, continue to improve the industry's waste paper recycling and waste Paper recycling rate is very meaningful for the entire industry.

According to the American Pulp and Paper Association, it will be more difficult to continue to improve based on the already high recovery rate of waste paper, but they believe that through the industry's overall efforts, it will be able to achieve the established target by 2020, to achieve more than 70% index of.