Six advantages of carton carton

Six advantages of carton:

(1) the weight of the box is very light, and excellent physical properties, based on the contents of the shapes to design the proper packaging and packaging costs can be controlled.

(2) cardboard box has a good buffer, to protect the contents from external shocks and prevent any loss of contents, also has good sealing property, so it can send them safely to their destination.

(3) very easy to decompose into the soil after carton was discarded.

(4) can be recycled products. Cartons for the recovery of more than 90% in the world, so the effective use of resources has played a big role.

(5) due to the carton can be produced in large quantities, a high degree of automation, so the efficiency is much higher than other forms of packaging.

(6) in the fine print on the carton, so good on merchandise sales boost.