Principle of selection of corrugated boxes is what

1. model, according to Leng high is divided into a, b, e four types of different mechanical properties of corrugated board is also different. A, type corrugated board of plane pressure highest, compressive strength larger, b type is instead, c type of plane pressure, and vertical pressure, and parallel pressure and buffer force are better; corrugated board between of thickness, a, type maximum, c type followed by, b type again of, e type minimum, due to thickness small of cardboard processing folding bent more easy, so, b shaped corrugated widely for on box of resistance pressure strength requirements not high of packaging shipped box. According to corrugated board of different mechanical performance, single corrugated box with a, or c type for good, double corrugated box with a,, B/b, c-combination is appropriate, close to the outer surface of the b-type, can play a role in impact resistance. A, b/b, c type combined carton physical and mechanical properties can be improved from printability comparison, type b and type c are conducive to printing.

2. box, on the premise of ensuring the quality of cartons, should try to save material and carton packing. For example. volume the same carton, length: width: high for most 2:1:2 materials, as the face of most materials. Therefore, square box should be avoided. but to the product tank capacity utilization, box truck, rail cargo volume of utilization and storage transport stacking stability.