India's eco-friendly manufacturing of edible bags

To solve the problem of plastic pollution, India EnviGreen start-ups R & D to create a natural starch and vegetable oil as raw material synthesis of "plastic bags." This environmentally friendly packaging bags by the 100% organic composition, biodegradable, does not pollute the environment, and even edible.

EnviGreen start-ups use of 12 kinds of harmless edible raw materials, such as potatoes, corn, bananas, cassava and other time-consuming four years, innovative raw material liquid conversion technology, after 6 unique processes, and ultimately create a new environmentally friendly, Of the bag.

According to reports, although the production cost of this bag than ordinary plastic bags 35% higher, but it does not contain any chemical additives, no environmental pollution, in the natural environment can be naturally degraded within 180 days, 1 day in warm water can be dissolved out , Hot water can be dissolved within 15 seconds.