how to stock duplex board grey back in winter ?

How to stock duplex board grey back in winter ?

The annual winter is dry, the temperature is low. According to years of experience in the production printing and binding paper paper in this environment characteristics, to meet the seasonal climate changes, to avoid due to changes in ambient temperature and humidity to the color box and folding carton production and cause unnecessary trouble loss, according to their actual usage, considering the physical properties of the base paper, to make reasonable adjustments in the production process and materials with respect. For each year from December to March next year, Choi me box and prone to burst lines, printing blur, warping and delamination problems printing. From the perspective of paper characteristics, in order to improve the usability of this season we have adjusted the paper process, but also in the production process requires a high degree of concern about some tips in order to jointly improve product quality.

1. Purchase duplex board grey back stored indoors as much as possible, avoid outdoor storage; as far as possible in the 24 hours before the printed product will be transported to the print shop product storage, the printing shop temperature and humidity equilibrium with the paper, printing workshop temperature was maintained at 15 ~ 20 ℃, humidity is maintained at 50% to 60%;

2. Because the winter indoor and outdoor temperature difference is big, and the weather is dry, the paper is easy to lose moisture and warping phenomenon. Therefore, the paper after opening the package to shorten the time to put bare, after the printing PE film are wound, prevent product deformation. If the place is broken or damaged, immediately repair;

3. Duplex board paper printing, the oil, the drying process, the paper loses moisture, so that the paper will dry situation occurs. It can be appropriate to increase the width of the pressure line, adjusting pressure line depth; or humidify the workshop, such as cardboard around the sprinkler to increase the humidity in the air;

4, winter temperatures lower the ink viscosity increase, easily lead to bad ink, printing blistering and other problems, it may be appropriate to add some ink additives to improve the performance of applicable