Food packaging is the focus of the global usher in a new development opportunity

Food packaging is the focus of the global usher in a new development opportunity

First, food packaging bags

Now people continue to improve the quality of life, rising standards of living, which led to people's purchasing power is also 

growing, this situation is more and more people like more food, and this situation also allows more people Know a lot of places,

the type of food packaging and use is very extensive, and this situation also allows more people to choose him, this case will 

give more joy.

Food packaging bags classified according to the technical classification, can be divided into waterproof packaging, packaging, 

mildew, fresh packaging, quick-frozen packaging, breathable, microwave sterile packaging, aseptic packaging, plastic 

packaging, vacuum packaging, DNA packaging, Plastic packaging, packaging, packaging, cooking and so on, these packaging 

are made of different composite materials, the advantages of food packaging is also a lot of food packaging is part of food.

Second, the role of food packaging bags

Food packaging and food packaging protection, the factory to the hands of consumers before the process of food circulation to 

prevent biological, chemical and physical factors, external damage, it can also maintain the quality of food itself and stable 

function, it is a convenience food, The appearance of a food to attract the image of consumption is the cost of material value. 

Combined with the requirements of different product solutions, to provide economic, health, food packaging and printing 

process shortcuts.

Third, the form of food packaging bags

1, self-standing bag packaging overview

Stand-up pouch packaging is considered to be the most widely used packaging form compared to other "brother" packaging 

containers. The use of soft plastic containers for packaging products is very convenient for shoppers: there will be no bottle 

clanging bucket, shopping bag packaging will not be easily broken, and convenient demand, so that nozzle self-standing bag 

packaging can be regarded as the best solution to these problems . Now stand-up bag technology has achieved a lot of 

dreams, soft plastic manufacturers, is a very good market opportunity.

Insiders pointed out:

Insiders pointed out that "the high productivity of bagging automation equipment, flexible packaging bags growing potential.

" For example, the birth of the nozzle stand-up bags so that flexible packaging bags have the ability with cartons, cans and 

plastic containers. The progress of materials and processing technology has played a decisive role in the win-win situation 

of flexible packaging bags, and the shelf-life of foods and drinks packaged in self-standing bags is prolonged at room 


Consumers believe that self-standing bags of packaging products have a good brand image, and very convenient, if coupled 

with zipper stand bags can be repeated; filling nozzle stand-up pouches make food more convenient down; and tear is an 

ideal packaging Beverages, dairy products and other liquid food. Perfect print quality can help retailers in order to attract the

 attention of consumers because it is soft plastic packaging, light weight, not easy to damage, reduce sales and storage capital;

 waste disposal easier than bottles, stand bags, cans, packaging regulations Fewer restrictions and so on. All of these

 advantages make the stand-up bag packaging industry one of the fastest growing forms of packaging and is one of the

 classic packs of modern packaging.

2, the nozzle self-standing bag

In addition to the food industry, a number of washing products, daily cosmetics, the use of medical supplies and other 

products are also increasing. In addition to the food industry, some cleaning products, daily cosmetics, the use of medical 

supplies and other products also gradually increased. The lipstick self-standing bag pack adds color and appearance to the 

colorful world, clear and bright patterns that can stand upright on the shelves, reflecting the excellent brand image, easier to

 attract consumer attention, and adapt to modern supermarket sales trends. Customers use, you can realize the perfect 

product, by the majority of consumers of all ages.

The advantages of self-standing bags are more consumers know that with the increase of social environmental awareness, 

self-standing bags will become a trend. Improve the standard system will help improve product quality and product categories, 

standardize market order. However, the current standard of suction nozzle stand-up bag according to the standard plan, 

developed by the State Packaging Machinery Standardization Technical Committee is responsible for organizing self-reliance 

bag-filled screw cap packaging machine industry standards.

Fourth, food packaging security

Food packaging safety is the focus of global concern, food packaging safety issues worthy of packaging enterprises in-depth

 research and public supervision, under the supervision of social pressure to extract more suitable for the needs of the 

community to achieve health food packaging. The most important form of the self-standing bag is to improve the safety of 

food packaging is a necessary condition for improving the living standard.

Recently, the nozzle self-standing bags were listed as the most practical packaging items, from the latest onwards, the 

nozzle self-standing bags into a period of rapid development. I believe that in the near future, the use of self-standing bag 

will become more and more wide, get real development. The combination of the nozzle and the stand-up bag facilitates the 

function of the nozzle bag by the shape of the body itself.

Social progress and people's requirements for food packaging, standing bags in accordance with the needs of people and 

create, design more colorful printing, the scope of application greatly increased. Lipstick self-standing bag is a popular 

late-stage packaging, food protection based on the role of improving product appeal, and promote product sales, and 

increase in a certain extent, have very good results. Self-standing bags have many categories, different products should 

choose the right nozzle stand-up bag.