Factors influencing the carton compressive capacity of

1) raw material quality

Is the decisive factor in determining carton compressive strength of base paper from kellicutt formula can be seen. Effects of other conditions, however in the production of corrugated board is allowed to ignore, such as the high amount of adhesive, cord impregnated, coated, composite processing.

2) water

Carton with a high moisture content of corrugated paper board manufacture, Gu or prolonged storage in a wet environment, will reduce its compressive strength. Fiber is a highly absorbent, in the rainy season and when the humidity in the air, water and atmospheric environment of wet cardboard balance is very important.

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3) box

Box-type refers to the type of carton boxes of the same type and size, they have a significant effect on compressive strength. Carton box for double-layer corrugated board structure, compressive strength than single layer boxes of the same specification improved; in the same condition, box, the higher the stability more, lower the compressive strength.

4) printed and perforated

Printing will reduce the BCT. Packaging has ventilation requirements the open hole in the product in the box, or on the handle side punching holes, will reduce the intensity of carton, open area in particular, biased towards a certain side, more obviously.

5) process variation of vortex flowmeter

Improper pressure in the system box, notched too deeply, combined with the weak, would also reduce the carton compressive strength. Cartons of finished products such as the need to achieve a certain strength, compression must be done (carton compression tester), pressure, pressure, pressure, bond (ring crush tester), a burst (rupture strength testing machine) test to evaluate, cartons in line with customer requirements or standards.