Basic knowledge of packaging paper

Basic knowledge of packaging paper

Packaging Paper(packing paper, wrapping paper), mainly used for packaging purpose of a class paper collectively. Packaging 

paper generally has a high strength and toughness, can withstand, folding, cultural quality requirements simpler than printing 

paper and other paper grades. Many subdivided kinds of paper, each with different properties and uses. For example: paper

for food packaging also requires health, sterile, non-polluting impurities. Electronic, cosmetic, food and beverage industry, 

packaging paper demand is staggering.

Packaging paper and cardboard classification

Press the function can be divided into ordinary wrapping paper, special packaging, food packaging, commercial printing wraps. 

Thickness o. More than 1mm paper called paperboard, mainly for the production of cardboard boxes, cartons, drum and other 


Universal wrapping paper

General packing function Packaging Paper and cardboard, usually made of cardboard boxes, separators, paper and cartons, 

have sack, kraft paper, brown paper, stripes kraft paper, kraft paperboard, liner, containerboard, corrugated, honeycomb 


Special packaging

Wrapping paper for a variety of environments with special functions, anti-oil packaging, moisture-proof wrapping paper,

rust-proof paper.

Food packaging

Food, beverage and other areas "package" with wrapping paper, parchment have food, candy packaging paper and the like.

Product packaging printing

There liner and a core layer having an upper surface layer cardboard printed after the filler and glue for cartons and other 

packaging made of trademark use. There are duplex board grey back, duplex board white back, folding box board etc.