Describes of the duplex board layers

The layers of white paper describes

Duplex Board is a positive white and smooth, mostly on the back of the duplex cardboard, paperboard mainly used for 

single-sided color printing for packaging made from carton to use, or also for the design, handmade products.

Duplex board by the batter and bottom layers of the papermaking pulp made on multiple rotary multi-cylinder paper 

machine or a long rotary mixing board machine. Pulp slurry is generally divided into surface (surface layer), two, three, four 

layers of fiber pulp material ratio is different, and layers of pulp fiber furnish, but also according to the copy of the paper 

quality differ.

The first layer is a surface layer of pulp, high brightness requirements, have a certain strength, usually bleached kraft pulp or 

with addition of partially bleached chemical straw pulp and waste paper pulp white edge; the second layer is a layer, isolation 

play the role of the surface layer and the core layer, but also requires a certain degree of white, usually 100% mechanical wood 

pulp waste paper pulp or light-colored; the third layer is the core layer, filled mainly from the role in order to increase the 

hickness of cardboard, improve stiffness, Usually mixed waste paper pulp or straw, which is the thickest layer, high quantitative 

paperboard several common network linked to pulp tank several times; the last layer is the bottom, with improved paperboard 

appearance, improve strength, to prevent curling function normally with a high rate of waste paper pulp slurry or preferably as 

papermaking raw materials, cardboard underside of color than gray, it may require the production of the bottom surface of other