Corrugated board printing knowledge

Corrugated board printing knowledge

In recent years, the international community, especially in Europe and other countries, the ultra-thin super micro-corrugated 

cardboard quietly occupied more and more of the corrugated board market, because it has both corrugated cardboard and 

cardboard better physical properties and printability. Compared with the traditional thick cardboard, it has good strength, 

buffer strong, good elasticity, material saving, light weight, good printing effects and so on. Compared with the traditional 

micro-corrugated cardboard corrugated cardboard, with a small flute, crisp and high, compact, rugged good smooth, thin 

material, compression performance, can be used directly to offset printing, etc., can only be changed in the past in the 

flexographic direct printing on a printing press and post-printing on an offset press can only be laminating production process, 

simplifying the process, shortening the production cycle, improve production efficiency.

Commonly used micro-corrugated board has F-type (0.75mm), G type (0.5mm), N-type (0.46mm), O type (0.3mm), are three 

layers namely facial tissue, paper and bottom paper heart Lenz . While micro-corrugated board also has the following 


(1) high intensity, enhance protection products, 40% higher than the cardboard strength;

(2) Light weight, 40% lighter than cardboard, 20% lighter than the cover mounted corrugated cardboard;

(3) Smooth surface, exquisite designs, colorful, have a more intense visual effects, etc.