Classification of corrugated board

Based on different combinations of corrugated board can be divided into the following five types:

1) consists of a layer of paper and leather cards of cardboard called "dew of corrugated cardboard". Luwa-ridged cardboard, usually only used as a cushion, interval and parcel, irregularly shaped objects.

2) consists of a layer of paper and cardboard consisting of two layers of leather cards called "hang".

3) between two layers of paper in the three-layer leather card called "double hang." Double hang can be made of different width and different paper consisting of corrugated paper, such as "b" corrugated paper with "c" paper.

4) three-layer of paper clips on the four-layer leather card called "three hang."

5) super catamaran Board is the single hang evolved, a layer of paper between two pieces of thick paper stacked bonded together.