Paper Manufacturer of Duplex Board Grey Back

Paper Manufacturer of Duplex Board Grey Back
Product Details

Paper Manufacturer of Duplex Board Grey Back 

  • Material: Mixed pulp

  • Surface Layer: Duplex Board

  • Transport Package: Plastic film wrapped outside on strong wooden pallet

  • Effect: Packaging and box 

  • Brightness: 86%

  • Origin: Zhejiang

1.High surface flatness
2.Thick high-weight product with strong stress resistance and stiffness
3.Good uniform inking and ink fixation drying effect
4.Surface gloss glazing to improve water resistance and uniformity.
5.High quality printing
6.Suitable for mounting and mounted corrugate.  

Application & Uses
1.Lining of beer cases
2.Shirt lining paper & clothes making patterns.
3.Print & package
4.Last page of receipt for Businesses.

Line of production

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