Grade AA White Back Coated Duplex Board Grey Back By Waste Paper

Product Details

AA Quality Coated Duplex Board Grey Back 

                                            Products Descriptions of coated duplex board grey back                                     

  • Coated Duplex Board Grey Back is used for carton, gift boxes, file cover, courier envelopes

  • converting as well as other stationery & packing application purpose

  • Substance: 230-450gsm 

  • Size: both in sheets or in rolls available 

  • Coating: single side coating with grey back

  • Printing: fresh colorful offset printability

  • Quality: AAA grade, AA grade, A grade


                                               Products Features of coated duplex board grey back                                         

  • Stable quality and reasonable price

  • Strong stiffness and strength

  • Stable ink absorbability and rich printing dots

  • Top white coated, back grey

  • Strong export packing and professional services


                                                        Technical data of coated duplex board grey back                                              

Physical Propeties
Coating =White Top
Stiffness CDmN.m≥2.6-15.5

                    Finished Products: (packing boxes which made from duplex board grey back)                                                           


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